— Advocate For Conservation —

Stadelman Fruit Company is a leader in global efforts to create new and innovative sustainable practices in how fruit is grown, harvested and processed.

We rely on earth’s natural resources, and we’re committed to the continuation of the reduction of our own impact by leaving the smallest ecological footprint as possible. Our standards and practices are strict, and include the application of tree protection materials through drip irrigation, and measuring crop input products.

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We encourage the use of beneficial insects like bees to naturally control pests and pollinate. Stadelman Fruit is an advocate for the conservation of water and our primary responsibility as good stewards of the land is to grow the highest quality fruit without compromising it for our children.

Sustainability Trees

"Sustainability isn’t a trend,
it’s the way we’ve always been."

At our processing facilities, we use solar power when possible and process during off-peak hours. We recycle our paper, wood and plastic products, and measure energy and water consumption to evaluate and make continuous improvements. We’ve also eliminated liquid nitrogen from our process, which reduces ozone impact.

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  • – standardized orchard farming
  • – high density organized orchard plantings
  • – state-of-the-art trellis systems
  • – innovative growing practices
  • – less fossil fuels by adopting bio-diesel
  • – strategic orchard floor management
  • – orchard protection materials strategy
  • – advanced composting and mulching
  • – use of insects to naturally control pests and pollinate

For more than a century, Stadelman Fruit has farmed with great pride for our land, orchards, and community.

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